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Who we are...

Biomedical Imaging Technologies (BIT-UPM) is a research group recognized by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

It is also part of:


Contributing to improve health care delivery through advances in biomedical imaging technologies.


Researching on new technological solutions to actual clinical or biological problems, especially with the aim of early diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

Our Focus


Development of new biomedical image acquisition, processing and analysis techniques.


Teaching and training of doctorate, master and graduate students.


With hospitals and research centers so that they use our techniques and tools.

New in BIT


Spotlab: start-up company to generate telemedicine solutions based on mobile telephony and 3D printing

18 December 2017

This start-up company, created by BIT members, has got the 1st prize in the 14 actúaUPM competition to create the most innovative and disruptive companies


Leuko-Labs: project for non-invasive monitoring of leukocites in chemotherapy patients

30 November 2017

Leuko-Labs has achieved the first prize in the UPM_innovatech 2T (Technology Transfer) Challenge 2017. Congratulations to Alberto Pablo Trinidad, Aurélien Bourquard y Maria J. Ledesma-Carbayo.


Miguel Luengo-Oroz: Member of Group of Experts on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

17 November 2017

The Group of Experts on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data was created by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda and will be in charge of writing an ethical code and a code for good practices on the use of artificial intelligence and big data.

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